Logwone Warrior Mitz is the name my parents gave me...how amazing are the two of them for that right? I am a middle child born and raised in and around Seattle, WA for the first part of my journey. I was blessed to earn a few scholarships and took one to Washington State University where I pursued Psychology and Human Development Degrees. After the pursuit of football was in the rearview mirror, I decided to move to Portland, OR. Close enough to get home quickly, but far enough away to establish my own identity outside the world of sports. I began working in finance after understanding how the lack of financial literacy in communities of color affected the generations to come. Living through it first-hand, my own father who played in the NFL for 7+ years with no financial guidance that he needed and deserved. My mother worked in the tech industry and was underpaid. I honor both of my parents in the efforts I make to restore financial literacy to the communities of color. I care about our community. You may see me working as a volunteer doing community outreach with our church homes. I serve as a volunteer and Board Member with Financial Beginnings Oregon to educate K-12th grade students on the importance of financial literacy which previous generations didn’t have access to. As a Board Member for Financial Beginnings I want to make sure that its mission of impact on schools throughout the community continues to stay focused until current goals are met. Being transparent is one of the greatest qualities someone can have when talking finances or so I’ve been told! I call a spade a spade…and will be truthful in my dealings with you.

Love & Respect - Logwone Warrior Mitz

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Our services and pricing are competitive in today’s market. We have solutions that are practical for your lifestyle. We design financial plans with you in mind.

Insurance Solutions

Our insurance solutions include both life insurance, disability insurance and long term care insurance. Schedule a virtual appointment today to go over your financial needs and decides which solutions are best for you and your family.

Financial Literacy

Our financial tools help customers budgeting, manage credit, investing wisely and reduce risks.

Debt Management

Getting out of debt involves strategies from professionals who not only care but have the knowledge and experience to help get you on the other side. We want you out of the red and in the black as soon as possible. Direct message us to start today.

Investment Management

Being successful at knowing when, where and how to invest your money takes a team of talented professionals. Use the scheduling tab to get more insight on your specific investment needs.



Personal & Direct Access to a Financial Advisor For Guidance On Life Events

  • Starting, scaling, or exiting a business?

    Make sure to prepare your finances for all the unique challenges and benefits of your business journey.

  • Legacy Planning

    Preserving, growing & leveraging your wealth for the next generation

  • Managing equity-based compensation?

    Understand your plan, walk through possible tax implications, and manage the potential risks.

  • Retiring?

    Plan for your transition from saving to spending, and create a tax-smart withdrawal strategy. I do not provide tax or accounting advice. You should consult your tax advisor for your personal situation.

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Direct Access to a Financial Advisor

  • For guidance on the following topics

  • Specific questions about financial planning for:

    • Budgeting
    • Major Purchases
    • Debt Management
    • Social Security Distribution Strategies
  • Personalized advice

    For things going on in your financial life

  • for the "do-it-yourselfers"

  • Already working with another advisor?

    Use us for a second opinion on the above topics

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Personalized investment advice

  • Know how much to invest, your recommended asset allocation, and more. Domestic or globally diversified investment portfolios

  • Invest in a large selection of funds, at various levels of risk based on your situtation, to help meet your objectives.

  • Automatic rebalancing

    Maintain your target allocation when the market causes it to shift. Automatic rebalancing does not assure profits or prevent agaist losses in a declining market.

  • Available tax loss harvesting to help offset losses for your after tax returns.

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Introductory Chat

This is simply an introductory chat for us to get acquainted and determine if working together makes sense for both of us. If we like each other, share similar philosophies and interests, and just feel like we would work well together we then use the following meeting structure to take you through our comprehensive financial planning process.

Initial Meeting: Typically takes 30-60 minutes

This meeting is all about you. The primary purpose of this meeting is to point you in the right direction, or confirm you are already headed that way. It is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and to learn more about your desires, your hopes, dreams and goals for the future.

We will also do a high level review of your financial situation to learn more about what you are doing, etc. If we agree we would like to work together we will sign a financial engagement agreement detailing the work we will be doing for you. You will be given access to your own eMoney dashboard which starts with an onboarding process to help us learn more about your current situation, including the input of all your current accounts. Remember, put good in, get good out.


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